Nellie Wilson is the pen name of a teacher and historian in her 30s who doesn't want her students to read her spicy books. Originally from western Pennsylvania, Nellie spent time in Ohio and Colorado before settling in San Diego. She enjoys drinking beer, talking about true crime and medical history, listening to emo music from the 2000s, and making up songs about her dog. When not writing books, she teaches sixth grade. When not doing that, she studies the history of San Diego city planning. When not doing that, she pours beer. "Need S'more Time" is her first book, but she has many more planned.

June Lehrer needs to shut off her brain for a week to make a huge decision. Having taught middle school through a global pandemic, she is reconsidering the career she spent years working towards just in time to accompany 150 students to their annual retreat at Camp Peek-n-See. The last thing she needs is to make out with the new camp director Colin on the first night of camp, but when have the last three years ever gone according to plan?

Tucked away in the aspens, June and Colin find a connection that neither of them expected to burn as bright as it does. But camp is just for five days, and the real world is waiting down the mountain...

Featuring camp fires, a large grey cat, good coffee, and a healthy bit of steam, this story is about chasing what feels right and figuring out your path, even when it feels inconvenient and overwhelming

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If you are a teacher, you need to read this book. If you are a parent of school age children, you need to read this book. If you love spicy romance novels, you guessed it, You need to read this book...

-Kelsey, @kelseyandherbooks

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Need S'more time discussed living in a post-shut down / covid world in a way most people could relate to. During a time where it seems everyone is looking for new work, a new way of life, company after isolation- this book is so relevant and affirming...

-hannah bonam-young, author of next of kin


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